The constant change of the standard of beauty in the West.

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*These are some very controversial opinions regarding both Asian vs Western beauty standards.

In my stand, I do agree that Asians lives in a  more homogenous culture so when we see something that catches our tiny asian eyes (no pun intended), we will imitate the style of that person (especially celebrities) and hence, it becomes a trend that many would follow.  Yet, in Western cultures, people tend to embrace women in different shapes and color, they would prefer girls to be “fit” rather than “skinny”.

So, I was having this conversation with a male friend of mine and I asked, “what do most Asian guys find attractive in a girl?” He asked me to google “Loli” (LINK) and apparently it’s an anime character! Generally, he told me that, to be taken as “Ideal” among Asian guys, the criteria you must have is:

1) Big round eyes, double eyelids

2) Petite 

3) V-shape jawline

4) Fair skin

5) Heavier bust

6) Small waist

7) Long legs

8) Thin

9) Tall

That’s a handful of conditions needed to be fulfilled!

(refer pictures below) Credits : Google images.


or, this. Her name is Angela Yeung and she is commonly known as “Angelababy.” She is nominated as one of the hottest woman in Asia.


How about Western standards? So I googled the 2013 most beautiful woman in the world and it seemed to be, Gwyneth Paltrow! (by People’s magazine) Pretty interesting to know isn’t it?


Then, I asked my friend to give me an example of what he thinks is “hot” in Western cultures. Without further ado, he said, “Victoria Secret’s models.” (picture of Heidi Klum)


It’s pretty interesting to put these pictures side to side and have a good comparison of the differences both cultures may take. But to summed up in a nutshell, in my own stand, Asians guys prefer girls that appeared to be more “dollish” and youthful. While in the West, girls are embraced based on their charisma and strength. Gwyneth is crowned the most beautiful is due to her “timeless, effortless look” despite her being in her 40!

Now, what’s your take on this issue?


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