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“Image is powerful ; Image is superficial” – Cameron Russell

I particular fancied how she answer the first question in the video. “How did you became a model?” and her answer was:

“The real way of me being a model is that I won the genetic lottery  and I am a recipient of a legacy and if you are wondering what is a legacy, well, for the past few centuries we defined beauty not just as health and youth and symmetry and that we are biological programmed to admire but also as tall, slender figures and femininity and white skin. This was a legacy that was built for me and its a legacy that I have been cashing out on.” – Cameron Russell

Cameron Russell is a Victoria Secret runway model that had taken the TED stage on telling girls not to follow her paths in becoming a model. She talked about the “power of images” not only in the modelling/beauty industry but in our daily lives. She worked along with various famous luxury brands such as LV, Chanel, Prada, Calvin Klein and etc and she had been the top of her industry for the past decade. In her speech, she focused on the fact that “these pictures are pictures of me, they are constructions of me” while illustrating a series of personal pictures of her that was taken on the same day as compared to more famous pictures of her that portrayed her on her role in posh setups, styling, lighting, post-retouching, the hair and makeup in creating what we see on billboards and fashion ads.

Here are some of the pictures she showed:






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Now, on a much serious note – “the construction of images” by the beauty industries. Yes, personally, I do agree on the fact that people, even though some claimed that they wouldn’t judge one on its appearances. To be honest, we all judges even if it’s a slight amount. Often times I heard my mom nagging about the importance of first impressions and you only will have one chance to  nail it before its gone. So, what does your image and social media presences saying about you?


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It’s funny that what we wear, tweet, post on Facebook is actually impacting people’s judgements and thoughts about us. It’s pretty amazing that we are able to construct images we want people to believe, to envy, to hate, to feel all kinds of feelings we want to. So, imagine what is the media doing to our perceptions of beauty?