MAKE UP FOR EVER_HD Ad_Spring 2011

So…. are you tempted to try out this product?

As a person who spent mostly all her time on analysing makeup products this particular ad caught my attention. My initial reaction was “wow. ” Then it followed, “I might try this.” After that, i started to picked all her imperfections in the photo. For instance, she does have a slight bit of eye bags, and her arm looked a tad bit funny. I guessed I am used to all those photoshop gimmick that the beauty industry had to offer.

To put it out there, the model does look very beautiful in the picture. She’s gorgeous even without retouching. But, do bear in mind that she’s a young model that probably, have very flawless skin already. Besides that, the set up, makeup techniques, professional photographers and lighting does make a difference.

I really do  appreciate it when the company gives out a truer representation of what benefits that the product would able to deliver. Personally, to really put a foundation to its test, I really would prefer seeing ads of different age group (and skin types) of women wearing that particular foundation, and a show of before and after of the photos. It’s no secret that most women wears makeup, at some point, we all thinks that photoshopped ads are deceiving our perception but sadly, we still believes that such perfection still is possible to achieve in reality. Isn’t it wearing makeup an attempt to photoshop our imperfections in real life?

So what do you think about unretouched ads?

Credits: Google

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