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The other day when I was driving, my friend C asked me a very peculiar question, she asked, “If you were to create the ideal Asian woman, how would she look like?” Without hesitation, her skin would be pale, very tender and luminous. Her hair would be jet black, straight and long. It would be easy to make her as she will be a conformity of societal standards. It’s kind of interesting.. and sad to know that Chinese culture is one of the oldest longstanding culture but given so much centuries and being the second largest population on earth, the beauty standards of this culture is still this narrow. In a nutshell, she would be like those girls you see in gouache paintings. (refer below)


Credits: google images

Then again, it struck me. There are 4.1 billion Asians in this world which made up 60% of the human race. Sadly, with the different shape and sizes we come in, Asians still have this very monogynous (and ridiculous) beauty standard we seek after. I have never been the person who blamed the media for setting unachievable beauty standard and put girls into situations of eating disorders or even cosmetic surgeries to become what they want to. I would say that, I blamed this narrowness of vision upon our history. I guessed in Asia, we defined beauty with limiting parameters, you will rarely (almost never) hear an elderly person call a slightly chubby woman as “curvy”, instead, you will hear the word “fat.” The word fat never quite caught among our cultures.

Hence, the latest surgical trend in Asia. The V-Line surgery, it is said that the sharper the jawline of one’s face, the features would appeared to be more prominent.


To say that we Asians want to look “more caucasian”, I disagree with that fact. Yet, saying that it would be oversimplifying this crazy plastic surgery craze. Yes, bigger eyes, double eyelids, high set of nose and sharper jawline are common characteristics of caucasians but i supposed this type of beauty that we are looking for are more towards a fusion of both asian and caucasian beauty.  Personally, it is more of an enhancement of Asian features than wanting to become more Western.

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